We are FSTVL – 15,000 people in Upminster at 3am on a Sunday

//We are FSTVL – 15,000 people in Upminster at 3am on a Sunday

We are FSTVL – 15,000 people in Upminster at 3am on a Sunday

For those that have not heard yet, Damyns Hall Aerodrome are hosting a 15,000 capacity dance festival on Saturday 25th May 2013 from 11am until 2.30am on Sunday morning.

As much as we like the idea of people coming to Upminster and enjoying themselves, our main concern is the lack of public transport between Upminster town centre and Damyns Hall, there is none. Buses stop outside the Huntsman and Hounds, meaning people will have to drive, or walk past the houses around Corbets Tey Road.

The bigger worry however, is where 15,000 people will go when the event finishes at 2.30am on the Sunday. With no public transport available, we have asked the Metropolitan Police what is planned for crowd control, and how they intend to ensure a crime-free Upminster in the early hours.

The festival organisers are putting on shuttle buses every 25 minutes from the station to the venue, but only up to 1.30am – Is Upminster station running at 1.30am ?
FSTVL have already gained huge momentum (35000 facebook likes) and has already been approved for 5 years so there is actually little we can do now, however, the 3 day multicultural camping festival planned for August (One Love Festival) is about to be decided upon, and there is a hearing at the Town Hall this Monday. If approved this will also be for 5 years.

These festivals have not required local consen, and we hear that Damyns Hall have the right to host 26 events a year, if they are going along the line of all alcohol infused and camping festivals it could become a nightmare every other weekend.

We’ve already received questions from concerned residents and would like to know your opinion, were you aware of this event ? Will you be concerned at this amount of people on the streets early on a Sunday morning ? Please leave your comments below.

We have sent the following communication to the Metropolitan Police, and are currently awaiting a reply :

Could you please tell me how you intend to police the 15,000 strong crowd of people expected to attend the “We are FSTVL” taking place on Saturday 25th May 2013, at Damyns Hall Aerodrome in Upminster.

The event is scheduled to finish at 2.30am, and we would like to know what is organised to ensure that 15,000 revellers walking through Upminster at around 3am will cause no issue to residents or their property.

Their website www.wearefstvl.com/info states “The organisers of the We Are FSTVL event are working closely with the Metropolitan Police and local authorities to make this a safe, crime-free event on your doorstep”
Therefore we would like to know what is being done to ensure this is a “safe, crime-free event

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  1. bob 13th July 2013 at 11:56 am - Reply

    We were NOT aware of this event but a neighbour brought the one love festival to our attention and in turn this one. Events like this will ruin the peacefulness Upminster offers to many of it’s residents. Most of our boroughs Police are deployed to Romford at weekends so how do you Police these event’s where people can come and go as they please over 3 days, the majority of attendees will buy day passes and come and go 24hrs a day over this long weekend. These types of Carnivals and Rave weekends attract all sort of anti-social behavior along with drug taking and drunk driving not forgetting all the waste and noise pollution incurred. I’m sure others can think of so many more reasons not to hold these events in Upminster.

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