People stranded after chaos at We Are FSTVL

//People stranded after chaos at We Are FSTVL

People stranded after chaos at We Are FSTVL

Festival-goers were stranded at We Are FSTVL in what has been described as “something from a horror film” after transport systems failed on Saturday night.

The festival has apologised to those caught up in the chaotic scenes, which it said were caused by a lack of taxis and safety fears after revellers decided to walk along narrow country lanes to depart the site.

The crowds forced their way to the buses in desperation which allegedly saw fights break out and people injured.

Alexandra Palmer, 27, who has attended the Damyns Hall Aerodrome event every year since its inception, described the organisation of transport as “appalling”.

She said: “People were charging towards the buses and I saw some guys attack one poor driver, trying to break his protective glass, because he wasn’t letting people on fast enough.

“A girl collapsed from being so squashed. I asked a steward for help and he said it wasn’t his problem and he didn’t know where the first aid tent was.

“People were jumping the barriers and there was no security or crowd control. It was like something out of a horror movie.”

Taxis and a shuttle bus service chartered by We Are FSTVL were intended to ferry people to nearby stations, but a lack of taxis provoked festival-goers to walk along country roads away from the site – against the advice of the festival – causing shuttle buses to be disrupted because of safety concerns.

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