Future of Second World War ‘huts’

//Future of Second World War ‘huts’

Future of Second World War ‘huts’

Janet Davies and Patricia Flavell from the Friends of Upminster Park are looking for information on the history of the unused Second World War buildings on the edge of Upminster Park.
Tucked away in a corner of Upminster Park are two unremarkable brick buildings, their green facades so worn that few passers-by will have given them a second look.

But these blocks have played their part in history, or would have – if the Second World War turned out differently.

They were built as decontamination huts, to protect against the threat of gas in case Germany invaded Britain.

Despite them never needing to be used, the Friends of Upminster Park are calling for the buildings to be listed, with the help of any historical knowledge the community may have.

Member Patricia Flavell, 75, said: “A lot of people don’t know they exist.

“They are not much to look at, just two green, long buildings, but they are the only ones left in the borough.

“We want to try and do something with them for the community.”

Full Story: Romford Recorder

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